The work of British environmental sculptor Andy Goldsworthy

The work of British environmental sculptor Andy Goldsworthy is peerless. His fleeting yet timeless assemblages of leaves, stone, twigs, tree bark, feathers, ice, grass, and snow arrest our attention with nature’s indomitable forces by inserting something intimate into the landscape. Goldsworthy’s art inspired this San Francisco dance company’s work “boulders and bones,” in which dance, music, and cinematic design are combined to create a sensory experience that draws us into nature’s embrace.

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Religious persecution was a particularly powerful force motivating English colonization. Some 30,000 English Puritans immigrated to New England, while Maryland became a refuge for Roman Catholics, and Pennsylvania, southern New Jersey, and Rhode Island, havens for Quakers. Refugees from religious persecution included Baptists, Congregationalists, and Presbyterians, to say nothing of religious minorities from continental Europe, including Huguenots and members of the Dutch and German Reformed churches..

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